Finally, a Pharmacy Solution for the College Market

Introducing BeRx from CHP Student Health, the only 
PBM designed exclusively for the college student population.

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Why a Student-Focused PBM?

Since 1993, CHP has provided health insurance solutions to colleges and universities across the U.S. In our first quarter century, it's safe to say we've learned a thing or two. 

The development of BeRx addresses a problem we've identified in the market. We know that college students utilize their health plans differently than the rest of the population -- and we've built plans exclusively for them. We also know that a traditional PBM offers little value to this very specific and unique age group. That's why we've partnered with Kroger Prescription Plans to develop the only PBM built exclusively for the college student population.

CHP Student Health believes that by engaging students in their health plans, they'll become better lifelong consumers of health care. BeRx works to further this mission by helping students Be Empowered by, Engaged in, and Educated about their prescription plans.


noun | A PBM built exclusively for the student-health population. BeRx enables its student members to Be Empowered by, Engaged in, and Educated about and engaging them in their prescription plans.

Synonyms: Accessible, responsive, flexible, custom, studious, awesome.

BeRx + CHP Student Health = The Perfect Combo

Our goal is to move beyond the cookie-cutter approach to pharmacy care and build a PBM solution for the college health space that aligns with students' budgets, schedules, and lives. As an insurance provider specializing in student health, we're uniquely qualified to bring this idea to the industry. 

Our vision is to develop a PBM that accompanies plans from CHP Student Health, which offer student-focused features, tools, and resources. Our mission is to take control of and optimize the PBM experience for our members.

Driving Your Care

With BeRx, we've taken control of our members' pharmacy care. By taking the lead role in the management of their pharmacy benefits, we can ensure costs, access, and preferences are always geared towards this unique population. We consistently optimize formulary and plan features based on utilization data to further improve the care provided to our student members.

For Students, By Students

Since 1993, we've tailored our products and services based on client and member feedback. BeRx offers low costs, special programs, and user-friendly tools designed exclusively for college students. Our continuous improvement cycle based on student feedback results in additional features and optimizations annually, including a student formulary in 2019.

Quality, Controlled

We're not happy unless our members are happy. To that end, we've included a number of quality-driven features to BeRx prescription plans. From in-depth clinical programs to ensuring members receive only the most appropriate and cost-effective prescriptions for their conditions, BeRx maintains a focus on providing a positive user experience for all student members.

The BeRx Difference

BeRx offers all the advantages of the larger PBMs and more!
Student-Friendly Pricing

Members receive pricing that won't break their budgets along with a transparent pricing model.

National Pharmacy Network

Access to more than 67,000 participating pharmacies with additional Kroger discounts.

Member Bonuses

Student members get discounts on medications not covered by plan, Kroger fuel points, and rewards.

Tools & Resources

Mobile-friendly online member portal ensures members can easily manage prescriptions.

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